New Version 9.0 Released February 3, 2015
What's New In V9.0

Spell Check Anywhere Adds To All Programs:

  • Advanced Spell Check.

  • Thesaurus Lookup.

  • English Dictionary Lookup.

  • Spell Check In Medical, Legal & 16 Foreign Languages.

  • Advanced Speed Typing & HyperNotepad.

  • Instantly works in all Windows programs.

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Spell Check Anywhere adds spell check to all programs.  Many programs do not come with a spelling checker. The ones that do do not support checking all text areas such as subject lines, notes, descriptions, comments.

Spell check that come standard in programs, even programs like Microsoft Word, is basic.  It often is unable to produce the right spelling for heavily misspelled words.  It lacks extended options, and does not support medical, legal or foreign languages. 

On other occasions standard spelling check stops working, while technical support is no help in getting it fixed.  In all the above cases, Spell Check Anywhere steps in to providing reliable, accurate and advanced spell checking.

Spell Check Anywhere adds accurate spell checking to all text areas in all programs.  Gives excellent word corrections, even to heavily misspelled words.  Supports thesaurus and dictionary in all programs, medical, legal and foreign languages.  Provides extended features beyond standard spell checkers:

  • Easy to read, large, resizable spell check window.
  • Spell checked document history.
  • Misspelled words history
  • Custom words management.
  • English dictionary right in the spell checking window
  • Thesaurus right in the spelling check window
  • Highly customizable.
  • Optional spell check button. 
  • Customize hotkeys.
  • Speed typing.
  • HyperNotepad.
  • Corporate options.

Read the detailed review below.  Watch the video review & tutorial demonstrating the software.  Then download the free 7-day trial.  At your leisure, enjoy reading user praise and review software excellence awards

More Text-Proofing Solutions

  • Grammar Check. This grammar check solution is similar to Spell Check Anywhere but that in addition to spell checking supports grammar checking. 

  • Free Online Spell Checker.  This free online version is light spell check correction engine.

    Spell Check Anywhere, on the other hand, is a downloaded top-grade spell checker that offers correct spell checking suggests for the heaviest misspelled words.  Spell Check Anywhere spell checks right in your application without needing copy/pasting, without needing to start an Internet browser, and without needing to start Word.

The Review of Spell Check Anywhere Continues Below

Spell Check In All Programs, Including:

Spell Check Languages Included:

Detailed Review

Below you can see how the spell check button is visible in Outlook.  This is true for all programs, not just Outlook.  Should you not want to use a button, you can hide it, and spell check by pressing a hotkey on your keyboard.


Small Button 


Below is a picture of the spelling window.

Spelling Check Example 


How Do You Know Which Word To Use?

When correct spellings list is provided for a misspelled word, it may not be clear to you which word is the right spelling to select as a replacement word.  For instance, "weather" or "whether."  To help you select the word you specifically mean to use, a feature of Spell Check Anywhere is an English definitions dictionary and Thesaurus lookup accessible with one click built-in right in the spell checking window.

Select a word from the suggested words list then click "Dictionary," right in the spell checking Window, to get a definition of the word you are considering.  This way you know you are sure to select the specific word you are intending to write.

Concise version of the English reference dictionary: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

Below is a picture of the English dictionary that is included with the program:

English Dictionary Lookup


 English Thesaurus Lookup

Thesaurus window comes up when clicking on the Thesaurus button from the spell checking window.  You can also highlight a single word, in any program, and press the F11 key on the keyboard.  If the word is spelled correctly, you can look it up in the thesaurus (shown below) or dictionary lookup (showed above).




Continue to read below for a complete features review.

Speed Typing

Speed typing lets you specify keywords for text you often repeat.  When you type a speed typing keyword, in any application in Windows, the keyword is replaced with full text you setup for it, on the fly as you type.  Saves a lot of retyping, and copy-and-pasting. 


HyperNotepad lets you take notes on-the-fly, without interrupting your work, no matter what program you are in the middle of using.  Create multiple notes, and switch between them with one click-- no loading files, no saving files. 

Misspelled Words History Report

Creates, automatically, a report of the words you misspelled and their correct spelling.  Including the number of times each word was misspelled. 

Spell Checked Document History

Keeps a copy of spell checked documents for your reference, backup and recovery.  This option can be turned off.

Manage Custom Words

An easy way to add and delete words from the custom dictionary file.  Remove words from the main dictionary.

Export, Import And Print

Notes you create in HyperNotepad, or in Speed Typing, can be exported and imported using PDF, Word Doc, RTF, HTML and TXT file formats, and printed.

Change Hotkeys

Change the spell checking hotkey, HyperNotepad hotkey and Speed Typing hotkey to any key you desire.

Resizable Spell Checking Window

Do you want to see the spell checked text clearly?  You can resize the spell checking window.


Spell Check Anywhere comes with HyperNotepad.  Whenever you press F10 on your keyboard, HyperNotepad pops up to let you take quick instant notes.  Create several note-tabs to keep different notes.  HyperNotepad saves your work automatically without you having to press any save button.  It's wonderful to take notes whenever necessary without disturbing your work or opening large programs.  HyperNotepad is instantly available with the F10 hotkey on your keyboard.  You can change the HyperNotepad F10 hotkey.



You can also print your HyperNotepad notes.  

Speed Typing

The Speed Typing feature saves you typing or copy-and-pasting when it comes to text you repeat often.  Speed Typing works in all applications, not just in the examples shown in Outlook and Word.

Speed Typing lets you define a keyword and it's associated full text.  For instance, you can define the word “$techsup” (you do not need to start the with a $ sign) to equal a some text.  Whenever--and in whatever application--you type “$techsup” and press the space bar on your keyboard, Speed Typing replaces the word “$techsup” with the full text that you defined for it.

Below is an example of using three keywords defined.  This example is in Outlook; however, Speed Typing works the same in any Windows program.  The text below is the text you type, but watch it expand to the full text, shown in the second picture below.


Speed Typing

Each speed typing keyword, in this example, "$thank, $techsup, and $sign", was replaced with it's full text, on the fly as the speed typing keywords were typed.  Below is a picture of the final e-mail. 

Speed Typing Example

Speed Typing Settings

You can add, edit or delete any speed typing keyword and its associated text.

Speed Typing Setup 

Using Speed Typing With A Popup Menu

In any application, you can also insert text of a speed typing keyword by pressing F9 on the keyboard.  The speed typing menu will popup, shown below, and you can select the keyword from the menu-- the keyword's full text will be inserted into the program you are using.

You can change the F9 hotkey to any key you desire. 

Speed Typing Pop Menu


Document History

There is also a spell checked document history:


Document History 


Typos History

Misspelled words report:


Typos History Report


Manage Custom Words

If you added a custom word to the dictionary that should not be added, you can remove it in this window.  You can also review auto-replace words.


Custom Words


Software Main Menu

You can change any settings such as the hotkeys F10 for HyperNotepad or F11 for spelling check, by double clicking on Spell Check Anywhere icon on the desktop, then select "settings & customization."


Main Menu 

Settings And Customizations

General Settings 


Text Proofing Options

You can set spell checking preferences. 


Correcting options


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