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Dear User,

Grammar check anywhere adds spell checking, grammar check, and thesaurus look up to WordPad.  With our grammar check, you will be able to spell check and grammar check, and correct your grammar when writing or editing in WordPad.

Grammar check is ideal for WordPad since WordPad is a free program that comes with Windows, and it lacks totally a spell checker, and grammar check and thesaurus.  Grammar check will allow you to edit documents in WordPad and by pressing the F7 key on your keyboard grammar check your entire document.

Grammar check comes with its on more advanced version of WordPad, called QuickNotepad, which allows you to keep several notes, which are automatically saved, under different categories.

Grammar check is build perfect for editing WordPad documents.  You can also edit and grammar check Notepad documents, which is like WordPad, just create a simple text file.

The history of WordPad goes a long way.  WordPad is with us since the old and loved Windows 3.1.  This was what?  15 years a go.  Since then little changes if any have been made to WordPad.  Therefore, our grammar check add on to WordPad is a welcomed addition to your arsenal of software.

You might be interested in knowing that programming WordPad in Windows 3.1, which back then was called Write, was a big task.  Today, creating a program like WordPad, takes about 2 hours worth of programming.  This is thanks to new development tools that have been created.  This same task would have taken months back in Windows 3.1-- 15 years a go.

Grammar check is a much more textually intensive programming task than writing WordPad lets say.  Grammar checks are not all alike.  Since each company has focus on different grammar rules, therefore, it is not a bad idea to run your text by more than one grammar check.

It is interesting to note that WordPad integration with Grammar Check and spell check of Grammar Anywhere, might fulfill your entire document editing needs.  Since many of the features of Word for Windows are not used by normal usage.

Grammar checking and WordPad are now made possible.  Remember, as you are using our software, if you feel anything can be improved, email us.  We will gladly take a look at your suggestion and might even implement it.

If you know of any other programs not mentioned in this web site that can use our grammar check, email us, we'll add that program to our list of programs that can be used with grammar check.

Download and try Grammar Check Anywhere for yourself for 7-days free.