Spell Check Wordpad

Spell Check Anywhere adds spell check to all Windows programs including in Wordpad.  Overview of Spell Check Anywhere.

Interesting Facts About Wordpad

To program a software like Wordpad can take about 1 week.  Not too difficult.  However, this is true with current programming tools.  Just 10 years a go, it would have been difficult to program something like Wordpad taking at least 3 months to develop.

Back then there was no control that can handle text formatting such as bold, italics, different font sizes and font style mixed on the same line.  So to program something like Wordpad would have taken a longtime.

The only control that came with Windows programming was a regular control that displays a single font for the entire document.  Displaying a single font for an entire document is easy.   The font letter sizes are of a fixed size.  To calculate the location of a certain letter on the screen is a multiplication of the fixed font size by the number of characters preceding it in the line.

Calculating the location of a letter on a mixed font screen is more complicated and time-consuming.  This is because each letter has a different size, since it uses a different font.  To locate the letter on line x and row y is not multiplication, but a more complicated process of considering the size of each font proceeding it.

A few years a go, Microsoft has done the job for us.  Microsoft has developed a RichText control that already has all this programming.  The RichText control came with all the features of mixed fonts on the same line.

Therefore, now to write Wordpad involved just placing a RichText control on a Window and making a user interface to all the functions of the RichText.  About 1 week of work.

What most people don't know is that Wordpad can handle large files.  For most computer needs, most documents that are edited are small.  They are seldom more than 100 pages.  However, some people need to edit files that are 1,000 pages long or even 10,000 pages long.

Wordpad allows to edit such large file sizes.  This might seem a small point, but programmatically this is an achievement.  Unless a software program specifically programs to handle large file sizes, the software usually cannot handle more than 500 pages.

Wordpad is a wonderful little editor.  It can handle any basic document editing needs of a small business, except that it does not have spell check.  Spell Check Anywhere adds spell check to Wordpad, and all other programs in Windows. 

See Overview of Spell Check Anywhere.