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Grammar Check Anywhere Extra Features

Speed Typing:

Speed typing lets you specify keywords for text you often repeat.  When you type a speed typing keyword, in any application in Windows, the keyword is replaced with full text you setup for it, on the fly as you type.  Saves a lot of retyping, and copy-and-pasting.


HyperNotepad lets you take notes on-the-fly, without interrupting your work, no matter what program you are in the middle of using.  Create multiple notes, and switch between them with one click-- no loading files, no saving files.

Grammar Check Is In
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Grammar Check Anywhere Adds To All Programs:

  • Advanced English Grammar Check.
  • Advanced Spell Check.
  • Thesaurus Lookup.
  • Medical, Legal, 16 Foreign Languages Spell Checking.
  • Speed Typing & QuickNotepad.
  • Instantly works with all Windows programs.

Download Spell Check Anywhere

Dear Friend,

Grammar Check Anywhere is a professional contextual grammar check and spell check software that works with all Windows programs, including custom programs.

When a grammar mistake is found, Grammar Check Anywhere gives an explanation of the grammar rule that has been broken with instructions how to correct the grammar mistake.  It also provides specific rewriting suggestions for correcting each grammar mistake.  See below, there are examples of this in action.

How To Grammar Check And
Spell Check In Any Windows Program

Once Grammar Check Anywhere is installed, when the text you want to check is in focus, in any program, press the F7 key on your keyboard to grammar and spell check. 

You can change the F7 key to any key you desire.   

Examples Of Grammar Mistakes & Corrections
Hover Over Each Number With The Mouse

Example 1.1 Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5 Example 6 Example 7 Example 8 Example 9

Grammar Checking


As you see on the top, the document has a specific grammar mistake highlighted.  In the middle of the window, there is explanation of what is the grammar mistake, and how to correct it.  The bottom of the window shows possible corrections to the grammar mistake found in your document. 

Comprehensive Grammar Checking

Grammar checking covers a wide variety of common English grammatical problems, including:

  • Syntax errors: Errors in the order or arrangement of words, such as writing I spoken to her yesterday instead of I spoke or I had spoken.
  • Misused words: Using a word incorrectly, usually as a result of confusing it with another word, such as I have taken her advise instead of I have taken her advice, Its a beautiful day instead of It's a beautiful day, and You're forms are being mailed separately instead of Your forms are being mailed separately.

  • Number agreement: Conflicts between a modifier and the noun it modifies, such as Several car are illegally parked instead of Several cars are illegally parked.

  • Subject-verb agreement: Conflicts between the plurality of a verb and the subject it relates to, such as He don't answer his phone instead of He doesn't answer his phone and The student who write the best story will win a prize instead of The student who writes the best story will win a prize.

  • Possessive errors: Incorrect possessive forms, such as any one's else instead of any one else's and Mens's coats are half price this week instead of Men's coats are half price this week.

  • Capitalization errors: Starting a sentence with a lower-case letter, or failing to capitalize a personal title, such as writing dr. Brown instead of Dr. Brown.

  • Abbreviation form errors: Constructing abbreviations incorrectly, such as writing eg. instead of e.g., or 9:00 am instead of 9:00 a.m.

  • Number form errors: Using digits for small numbers (We hired 4 new employees last month instead of We hired four new employees last month).

  • Unbalanced punctuation: Extra or missing parentheses ("( and ")") or quotation marks.

  • Classified singulars: Describing a single object as a class of objects, such as This is the sort of a car I want to buy instead of This is the sort of car I want to buy.

  • Double comparisons: Using a comparative modifier with an adjective or adverb which is itself comparative, such as more quicker or most strongest.

  • Sentence fragments: Sentences missing predicates, such as The man who I or The boy from the school.

  • Passive sentences: Sentences where the subject follows the object, as in The report was filed by the committee instead of The committee filed the report.

  • Incorrect prepositions: This color is the opposite to that one instead of This color is the opposite of that one.

  • Pronoun case errors: Use of nominative-case pronouns where objective case is required, as in She mailed the package to John and I instead of She mailed the package to John and me.

  • Double negatives: Needlessly or incorrectly negating a negative, such as not uncommon instead of common or We don't have no insurance forms instead of We don't have any insurance forms.

  • Wordy phrases: Verbose phrases that can be rewritten more succinctly, such as We can make adjustments to the new policy if necessary instead of We can adjust the new policy if necessary or It goes without saying that production quality must be improved instead of Clearly, production quality must be improved.

  • Redundant phrases: Phrases where the meaning of one word implies the meaning of another, such as connect up instead of just connect or large in size instead of just large.

  • Stilted words: "Fifty cent" words that can be rewritten for clarity, such as cognizant instead of aware and ostensible instead of apparent.

  • Awkward usage: Words and phrases that are too informal or do not read well, such as The new photocopier is way faster instead of The new photocopier is much faster, or That there file has to go back to Personnel instead of That file has to go back to personnel.

  • Vague modifiers: Inaccurate or meaningless modifiers, such as sort of difficult. These can be rewritten for greater clarity and descriptiveness.

  • Jargon: Technical terms used in a non-technical context, such as using parameters instead of limits or time frame instead of duration.

  • Cliches: Overused phrases that can be rewritten more concisely, such as Reorganizing the office will be easier said than done instead of Reorganizing the office will be difficult.

  • Gender-specific terms: Terms that may imply gender bias, such as chairman instead of chair or chairperson and actress instead of actor.

  • Confusing terms: Terms that may have multiple common meanings, such as bimonthly (which can mean "once every two months" or "twice per month"), or whose form suggests a different meaning, such as inflammable (which means "burns easily" but many people interpret to mean "flame resistant").

  • Word-form errors: Brother-in-laws instead of Brothers-in-law, light headed instead of light-headed, or news paper instead of newspaper.

Spell Check Example

Spell check 


While having your work professionally proofread for grammar by an actual human proofreader is the best way to get your documents neat.  However, a human proofreader is costly.  It can cost up to $100 per page to proofread a document professionally by a good agency.  You also have to wait for days, or at least 24 hours, to get your document grammar checked and proofread. 

Our Grammar checking software will allow you to iron out grammar mistakes instantly in your document.  You will be able to refine your document and check and recheck it for grammar mistakes often without needing to pay each time and without waiting for turn around. 

Our grammar checker software is a single onetime fee to buy the software.  There are no hidden fees.  Onetime low affordable price for unlimited grammar checking.  Also, there is no need to be connected to the Internet to use Grammar Check Anywhere.

We all agree that finding even a single grammar mistake in a document is important.  With grammar checking you will be able to iron out several mistakes.  You will be able to grammar check at any time without the need to pay for each proofreading or waiting for a turn around.

To get pristine grammar results, once you have written your final draft using our grammar software, you can optionally use a professional grammar checking proofreading service done by a live person.  There is no conflict, you can use both approaches.


Thesaurus Lookup


The QuickNotepad comes up whenever you press F8 on the keyboard.  You can take notes, and when you are done, you close QuickNotepad and continue with your work.

All the notes are automatically saved and loaded.  No need to open files or close files.  You can save any number of notes, and organize the notes under different categories.

QuickNotepad Notes 

Grammar Check Settings

Option of Grammar Check 

Spell Check Settings

Spell Checking Settings

Change The F7 & F8 Hotkeys

Grammar Check Anywhere Settings 

Common Programs That Work
With Grammar Check Anywhere

Grammar Check Anywhere works with all Windows programs.  The following is a list of common programs that you might be using:

  • XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8.

  • Email

  • Outlook Express & Outlook

  • MSN Explorer Hotmail

  • AOL

  • Windows Mail

  • Yahoo Mail

  • Incredimail

  • Eudora

  • Notepad

  • WordPad

  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • Internet Explorer

  • Publisher

  • Instant Messengers

  • MS Access

  • Skype

  • Web

  • Custom Applications

  • And All Other Windows Programs.

Grammar Check Anywhere allows you to spell & grammar check in all Windows applications.  Go ahead, download now the 7-day free trial, and give it a try.

Sincerely Yours,
Steven McLean
McLean Software