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Spell Check In Yahoo! Messenger


Spell Check Anywhere adds spell check to all windows programs including in Yahoo! Messenger.  The spell checking saves all your text formatting such as bold, italic and color.  Spell check all your chat messages with co-workers and friends to make a good impression and avoid embarrassment.

To spell check in Yahoo! Messenger or in any windows program, download and install Spell Check Anywhere.  Then, press F11 on the keyboard when the typing caret is visible inside the text to spell check.  Spell Check Anywhere highlights misspelled words, and suggests correct spelling.

Interesting Facts About Yahoo! Messenger

Nowadays many people use Yahoo! Messenger to send instant messages to their friends and co-workers.  Yahoo! Messenger is common word among computer users today, but just 7 years a go, if you asked any computer user if they knew what is an instant Messenger, almost no one knew.  In fact, the first instant Messenger that was ever created was not Yahoo! Messenger, it was ICQ.

Yahoo! Messenger is a copy of ICQ.  ICQ was developed in the early boom of the internet about 10 years ago by a four young Israelis.  ICQ took off fast.  Millions of users around the world found out about ICQ by friend referral.  ICQ had grown to a user base of 5 million users before Yahoo! Messenger was even dreamed about.

However, ICQ did not make any money because it was a free program.  The Israeli inventors of ICQ struggled to keep ICQ alive.  They almost closed ICQ a few times because they could not pay the bills to keep their small company going even though they had 5 million users of ICQ!

Eventually, the wonderful potential of an instant Messenger was realized and ICQ was bought for $400 million dollars.  The young Israeli inventors became rich overnight.

Yahoo! Messenger is widely used in the USA.  But most of the world uses ICQ.  Yahoo! Messenger is just the big USA corporate world version of ICQ.

In fact, many of the program you use today that are developed by Microsoft and other large software companies are not the inventions of these large companies.  More often than other industries new software is first pioneered by small, most of often, 1-man software companies.  The idea is then taken by larger companies and made into a common household name.  Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ is such an example.

Yahoo! Messenger does not come with spell check.  Spell Check Anywhere can add spell checking to Yahoo! Messenger and to other messengers.  Simply type text in Yahoo! Messenger normally, and then press F11 to spell check the text.

You can also use the shorthand speed typing feature of Spell Check Anywhere to work with Messenger, they go together well.


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