Spell Check Canadian English By Spell Check Anywhere

Spell Check Anywhere allows you to spell check using Canadian English in all Windows programs.  Spell Check Anywhere downloads automatically the Canadian English spell check dictionary off our web site and installs it.

Interesting Facts About Canadian English

Canadian English (CaE) is a variety of English used in Canada. It is spoken as a first or second language by over 25 million—or 85 percent of—Canadians (2001 census [1]). Canadian English spelling can be described as a mixture of American English, British English, Quebec French, and unique Canadianisms. Canadian vocabulary is similar to American English, yet with key differences and local variations.

In 1998, Oxford University Press produced a Canadian English dictionary, after five years of lexicographical research, called The Oxford Canadian Dictionary; a second edition was published in 2004. It listed uniquely Canadian words and words borrowed from other languages, and surveyed spellings, such as whether colour or color was the most popular choice in common use.