French Spell Check By Spell Check Anywhere

Spell Check Anywhere allows you to spell check in any Windows program using a French dictionary. The french dictionary contains 137,000 words.  To learn more click, on the link below.

Interesting Facts About French

French (spell check – français) is the third-largest of the Romance languages in terms of number of native speakers, after Spanish and Portuguese, being spoken by about 120 million people as a mother tongue or fluently, and by another 150 million people learning or using it. As a Romance language, it is a daughter language of Latin, although there has been significant borrowing from Ancient Greek.

It is an official language in 29 countries.

French is also an official or administrative language in several communities and international organizations (such as the European Union, International Olympic Committee, World Trade Organization, NATO, FINA, FIA, FIFA, World Anti-Doping Agency, United Nations, African Union, International Court of Justice, IHO, International Secretariat for Water, International Political Science Association, International Bureau of Weights and Measures, European Broadcasting Union, ESA, Universal Postal Union, Interpol and so on) and is among the six official languages of the United Nations and of all its agencies. While the status of French as the leading language for international communication has declined since its peak in the 18th and 19th centuries due to the rise of English, it maintains a prominent position.