Excel Spell Check By Spell Check Anywhere

Spell Check Anywhere adds spell check to all windows programs including in Excel. Spell check all your spreadsheets text. When Excel spreadsheet is locked, Excel’s spell checker is disabled. Spell Check Anywhere lets you spell check specific unlocked fields when the entire spreadsheet is locked.  Use Spell Check Anywhere to spell check using a Medical, Legal or foreign language spell check.  Click the link below.

Interesting Facts About Excel

Excel is today the standard spreadsheet. Before Excel there was Lotus 1-2-3. Lotus 1-2-3 is spreadsheet similar to Excel that was the best-selling program of all-time during the 1980s.

A basic spreadsheet can be programming in about 1 week, but to get it to be fully functional as Excel with all the graphic, macros and functions, can take years of programming.

Programming a program such as Excel is a fun software to create. The reality is that most programming today is boring and repetitive. Few business needs need imagination of the programmer. Usually most programs today just store data and present reports. Boring to program.

However, programming software like Excel is wonderful and fun to program because there are exciting programming techniques used to make the spreadsheet functionality.

To start off, the needs of a spreadsheet as Excel are general. You can enter any number of rows or columns, and the can link to one another. This alone needs dynamic memory structures to hold the spreadsheet in memory. Also, as rows and columns insert between existing rows or columns with data and formulas, all the memory structures update to reflect the new rows and columns references:

If there is a formula in a1 to do some function on a value of a2, then you inserted a new row between a1 and a2. The formula in a1 needs to reference the cell in a3, because a2 became a3. So for small insert of a row, all the cells need to be scanned and new cell information needs to be inserted. In other words, all references to a2 in the entire spreadsheet need to be updated to reference a3.

Other interesting programming challenges are loops.

For instance, suppose cell a1 as a function with the value of a2, and a2 has a function with a value of a3, and a3 as a function of value of a4. Then, a4 has a function based on a value of a2 again. This creates a loop problem:

As you change a2, you cause a change to propagate to a3, then to a4, then a4 reads a2 again. A4 then changes it’s own value based on a2, but a2 changes then it’s value based on a3, which is based on a4, and then a4 changes based on a2 again and the loop is infinite.

While this example is simple to detect in a spreadsheet of hundreds or thousands of references, how do you write code to detect these infinite loops? There can be more than one loop on the same cell.

As you see programming a software such as Excel is much more exciting than programming other business software.

While Excel does come with a spell check, it does not come with spell check in medical, Legal and Foreign Languages. Spell Check Anywhere can add spell check in medical, Legal and Foreign Languages to Excel.

Also, when the Excel spreadsheet is locked, you cannot spell check because Excel disables its internal spell check. If a few cells are unlocked, you cannot spell check them even though you can edit them. Spell Check Anywhere then allows you to spell check just those unlocked cells even though Excel’s spell check function is disabled.