Word Spell Check By Spell Check Anywhere

Spell Check Anywhere adds spell check to all windows programs including in Word. The spell checking saves all your text formatting.  In Word, you can also use Spell Check Anywhere to spell check using a Medical, Legal or foreign language spell check.  Click on the link below.

Interesting Facts About Word

While Word has a grammar checker built in, it is not a good grammar checker. There are grammar checking programs that are much better than word’s grammar checker. For example, the program StyleWriter is a grammar checker program that is much more powerful than word’s grammar checker.

So if you are serious about your writing, you should considering buying a third-party grammar checker such as StyleWriter. Although StyleWriter is a wonderful grammar checker, StyleWriter has a bad interface, and is not so user-friendly. Also, StyleWriter costs $150.00.

On another note, Word is a good program. Programmatically speaking Word is a difficult software to program. Everything that has to do with text, graphics and formatting is difficult to write. A program like Word will take a company like Microsoft about 5 years to program if they started from scratch right now.

It is impossible for a single programmer to write a program as vast and feature filled as Word. Every aspect of Word is an entire program in itself.

While most people are familiar with Word as an editor, it is not all-powerful. For documents that are 30,000 pages or more, Word will not work well. In addition, Word cannot handle multiple writers on the same document well.

To handle large publications that have multiple writers there are specially editors that cost around $250,000.00.

While Word has a spell check, it does not have spell check in foreign languages, legal and medical. You can buy a foreign language package for Word from Microsoft but it costs around $70.00.

On the other hand, for $29.97 you can have Spell Check Anywhere add spell check in foreign languages, medical and legal to Word. Spell Check Anywhere will also add spell check to your other programs in addition to Word. Therefore, Spell Check Anywhere is a better choice than Microsoft’s $70.00 language pack.