Yahoo! Mail Spell Checking By Spell Check Anywhere

Spell Check Anywhere adds spell check to all windows programs including in Yahoo! Mail.  The spell checking saves all your text formatting such as font, bold, italic and color.

Interesting Facts About Yahoo! Mail

Today Yahoo! is a common household name. Just 10 years a go, only few select people knew about the existence of Yahoo!. Yahoo! grew to become the standard in search engines because of a simple idea:

Yahoo! setup people who reviewed each web site before it was accepted to be listed on Yahoo!. Other website search engines and directories had almost no limits. Anyone who wanted to join could join. As a result, search engines such as excite, yes, Google at the time, where not popular by users like you and me because the results that were returned for website searches where poor.

Yahoo! however screened every web site before accepting it into Yahoo! and as a result Yahoo! had much more quality sites listed, and therefore, Yahoo! was by far the first choice for almost all web users.

Another advantage that Yahoo! had is the descriptions of a web site that showed up on search results where edited by Yahoo! human reviews. So the descriptions did not contain marketing hype, and where clear and concise.

These two made Yahoo! #1 until about 3 years a go.

This reviewing of each web site was a monumental workload as there 2.4 billion web pages on the internet and each one had to be reviewed by a human reviewer at Yahoo!.

So why did Yahoo! searches by users have fallen by more than 70% in the last 3 years?

Since Yahoo! had human reviews look at each web site, Yahoo! reviews could not stand the growth of web sites. Once a description of a web set was site by a Yahoo! review, they never changed the description of the web site no matter how much the web site owner tried to have Yahoo! change the web site description.

As a result, the web site descriptions that Yahoo! returned for web searches where not compatible with what the web site was about. So as web sites changed, the entire Yahoo! directory lost value. The Yahoo! listings lost their value so much to that other search engines who uses automated ways to create the descriptions of web sites became more accurate.

Today, the most accurate description of web sites that is generated automatically is by Google, and therefore Google is today the #1 search engine.

Yahoo! unable to compete with the automated ways of Google decided to change focus to free Mail, free news and other services.

Spell Check Anywhere can spell check Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo! Mail is still a wonderful tool. Spell Check Anywhere can also spell check Yahoo! searches. Often when searching for a term on Yahoo! or any search engine, you need a spell checker to spell check the terms you are search for.