New Version 9.0 Released
February, 2015.
See What’s New In V9.0.

Works With All Versions of Windows,
Including Windows 10.

Spell Check Anywhere Adds The Following Features To All Windows Programs:

  • Robust, Advanced Spell Check.
  • Thesaurus Lookup.
  • English Dictionary Lookup.
  • Spell Check In Medical, Legal & 16 Foreign Languages.
  • Speed Typing (Auto-Replace Typing).
  • HyperNotepad.
  • Instantly works in all Windows programs, including custom programs.
  • Made for single customers, small businesses, corporate, and government.

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Spell Check Anywhere is a downloaded top-grade spell checker that offers correct spell checking suggestions for the heaviest misspelled words. Spell Check Anywhere adds spell check to all Windows Program, including custom programs.  Correct your spelling right within the program you are using, without needing copy/paste, without needing to start an Internet browser, and without needing to start Microsoft Word.

Issues With Standard Spell Checkers:

Many programs do not come with a spelling checker, in which case, Spell Check Anywhere is obviously needed.  In cases where programs do come with a spelling checker built in, like Microsoft Word, their spell check has the following issues:

  • No spell check support for all text areas such as subject lines, notes, descriptions, comments.
  • The spell check function is basic, it fail to provide the correct spelling for heavily misspelled words.
  • Lack extended options such as built in dictionary and thesaurus within the spell checking window.
  • No support for medical, legal or foreign languages at all– or if there is support, then it is at an extra cost.
  • Occasionally standard spelling check stops working, while technical support is no help in getting it fixed.
  • No centralized custom words dictionary to all programs you spell check in.

Spell Check Anywhere solves all the above issues with a complete, comprehensive set of features to address all your spell check needs.

Features Beyond Standard Spell Checkers:

  • Always find the correct spelling, even for heavily misspelled words.
  • Easy to read, large, resizable spell check window.
  • Spell checked document history.
  • Misspelled words history.
  • Centralized custom words dictionary.
  • English dictionary right in the spell checking window.
  • Thesaurus right in the spelling check window.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Optional spell check button in all, or in some, programs.
  • Customize hotkeys.
  • Speed typing (auto-replace typing).
  • HyperNotepad.
  • Corporate options.

Video Example of Spell Checking In Notepad:

This is an example in notepad.  Works the same in all programs under Windows, including custom programs.

Spell Check In All Programs, Including:

Spell Check Languages Included:

Details of Spell Check Anywhere:

You can add a spell checking button to Windows programs.  You can select to which program to add the button, and to which to hide the spell checking button.  Below is an example of the spelling checker button appearing in Outlook.  Should you not want to use a button, you can hide it.  Then start spell checking by pressing a hotkey on your keyboard.

Spell Check Button Added To Windows Programs.
Example of Adding Spelling Check Button To Outlook.

When you click on the spell checker button (or alternatively use the hotkey), the text in focus is spell checked in any program you might be using. The following is the spell check Window:

Spell Check Dialog Box
The Spell Check Dialog Box.

The spell checker dialog box shows on the bottom the text that is being spell checked.  Words that are flagged as misspelled are highlighted, and put to correction at the top of the dialog box.

Find The Right Word – Reference Dictionary Built In:

If the correct spelling suggestions offered are “weather” and “whether,” which one should you use?  For those causes, you have a build in English dictionary reference right into the spell checking window.  Highlight the word in the suggestions list, and click the “Dictionary” button.  You will get a concise explanation of the meaning of the word.  This way you can select the right spelling you intended.

For your reference, included is a concise online quick reference Dictionary showing a sample of dictionary built into the software:

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9.

Below is an example of the lookup English dictionary as it is built in the software.  The dictionary built into the software is more complete than the concise online version.

English Dictionary Reference Lookup
Don’t Know Which Correct Spelling To Use? With One Click Lookup Word Definitions.

English Thesaurus Lookup:

You can do a thesaurus lookup right from within the spell checking window.  In the spell checking Windows, select a word and click the “Thesaurus” button.

Thesaurus Lookup
Thesaurus Lookup Built Right Into The Spell Checking Window

Comes With HyperNotepad:

Whenever you press F10 on your keyboard, HyperNotepad pops up to let you take quick instant notes.  Create as many note-tabs you desire to keep different notes.  There is no need to open file or save files.  HyperNotepad saves your work automatically.  It’s wonderful to take notes whenever necessary without disturbing your work or opening large programs.  You can change the F10 hotkey.

Edit HyperNotepad Notes On The Fly
HyperNotepad – Take Instant Notes On The Fly

HyperNotepad Video Example:

Comes With Speed Typing (Auto-Replace) Feature:

Speed Typing allows you to define keywords with full text replacement for them.  When you type a keyword in any application, the keyword is auto-replaced with the full text defined for it.

So, you can define, “howtofindus” to be auto-replaced with “Go to the main building.  Take the elevator to the 4th floor.  Turn right, we are by the cooler.”.  Whenever you type “howtofindus” in any program, the full text replacement (“Go to the main building.  Take the elevator to the 4th floor.  Turn right, we are by the cooler.”) auto-replaces instead of the keyword.

Speed Typing saves lots of typing, copying/pasting of often repeated text.  Learn About Speed Typing.

Settings And Customization:

You can customize just about anything in the software.  There are regular user options, and administrator options.  There are also options for corporate use.

Spell Check Anywhere Settings Dialog Box
Settings Window

Main Menu:

Double click on Spell Check Anywhere icon on the desktop, the bring up the software’s main menu.

Spell Check Anywhere Main Menu
Spell Check Anywhere Main Menu

Spell Check Anywhere Testimonials:

The following is a list of the unsolicited testimonials. All user comments came from the enthusiasm of customers about Spell Check Anywhere without being prompted to comment.

Well, Steven….  I do not know what to say. That’s what I call Honour, Understanding, Honesty, Professionalism and Pristine Support!  – Takis T.

Your software will be used by the Army’s Materiel Command (AMC) who manages all the systems for the Army. It will be used in conjunction with the first Web Based Procurement system in the Department of Defense as a spell checking option for building Army solicitations and contracts.  – Thompson Civ AMCCP

Everyone, this software is the finest piece of code I have seen in a long time. I speak with some degree of authority, I was a Systems Programmer for 26 years. Keep up the fine work. I will be at the front of every upgrade line. Thanks, Don Weir

I’ve used your program for years and just love it! Keep up the good work!  Rick

Just wanted to send you a thank you for your great service! I sent you an email and received a very fast phone call that solved my problem immediately.  I was very impressed and your software is great!  Chris.

I love the software.  Are you guys considering a computer dictionary add-on?  Anonymous.

I am a computer programmer.  This is the finest code I have ever had the pleasure of using here . . . keep up the fine work . . .?  Tom G.

Hi there. I have recently bought your program.  It has been running great. Charles C.

Hi there.  Your software is great. This is what I was looking for …Suresh G.

I just wanted to say thank you for your program.  It has saved me from many, many spelling mistakes in the subject line of e-mails in Outlook Express.  Thank you Ken.

Thank you for excellent service!  Thanks Jerry.

Thank you much, I recognize your prompt service.  We love your spell checker.  Bret.

Thank you, your software is the best.  Gordon.

Your program is terrific.  Love, love, love it!  Suzanne.

I can’t say enough good about it, It’s there when I want it regardless of what program I’m working with. It’s just always there. Hit F11 and it is always there!  Thank you. Don Weir.

I’m a user of Version 2.0, is there an upgrade credit for current loyal users?  The new version look fantastic. Keep up the good work.  Don Weir.

However, thanks much for your speedy reply….  You have an interesting and well thought out product, and support it wholeheartedly.  Arthur.

It’s a done deal Steven, thank you for the info, you have a great weekend, you have an excellent program, will tell my friends about it…. Sure Steven, be glad too tell anyone interested in your program that it’s money well-spent!!!!!! Fred.

You rock!  I signed up for your affiliate program too, so I think it’ll come back to you and more, since I love this program so much!  Lin

Steven,  Wow! What great service! I wish I had a company! Sorry, though, it’s just me placing one order. I am telling my friends and coworkers about your product though. It does work great. Bill

Be confident that you are making a good investment with Spell Check Anywhere.  Right now, download the free trial to start spelling correctly right away.

Sincerely Yours,
Steven McLean
McLean Software